Unusual ideas for practical implementation

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If you want to make peace with your enemy,
you have to work with your enemy.
Then he becomes your partner.

Nelson Mandela, 11th President of South Africa


Status of Jerusalem and Palestine

A solution for the future status of Jerusalem and of the State of Palestine is proposed. It fulfils the reasonable claims and aspirations of the Israelis and Palestinians. The proposal gives the Palestinians far-reaching equal rights, comprises full Israeli security control, and leaves Jerusalem undivided.

Political and economic stability can only arise if the most important issues for the cohesion of societies are resolved amicably and constructively. If this succeeds in the political center, then the field of alleged problem solving will no longer be left to extreme political forces.

By demanding and accepting the proposed solution, both sides could strengthen their own position and weaken the position of their opponents politically as well as morally and psychologically: For the Israeli side, constructive solutions for the status of Jerusalem and the Palestinians’ right to self-determination could weaken their extreme political opponents more than military means. The Palestinian side could find support for democratic solutions to the status of Jerusalem and the State of Palestine from those who stand firmly by Israel’s side, and thus make its justified demands for political and economic equality much more effective than by confrontational means.

You will find a presentation and a corresponding text of the proposal
“Status of Jerusalem and Palestine”.

The presentation of the proposal is also available in pdf-format here and
the text of the proposal is available in pdf-format here.

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